Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 28 of 365... Getting ready for a portrait session

This is my "studio." The area in my home where I do portraits. I'm so lucky to have an area that I can leave set up! I know it's a little silly, but even just this picture makes me happy. I love photography and I'm so blessed to get to do it!

H. is such a great helper. He loves helping me set up for my photo sessions. And unlike when he was 2, he is actually helpful and the "breaking" of stuff is kept at a minimum.

Day 27 of 365...

Uno. Still a big hit.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 18 of 365.... Spookie the Cat

Photo by H.

We love Spookie. It's funny how much her personality has changed since we were first given her almost 5 years ago. Now she actually acts like a cat and acts like she likes us. I had to add in this photo of her. Every Christmas I worry that she is going to knock down the entire tree and break all of my ornaments. You can't tell in the photo but she is almost at the top of the tree. Goofy cat.

Day 17 of 365....The Movies!

We didn't actually go see Alvin and the Chipmunks.. We're waiting for that one to go to the dollar theater. It was still fun to pose by the Chipmunks after seeing another movie

Day 16 of 365.... Sledding!

We had an great day of fun sledding at a nearby "mountain". The best part - We were able to sit back and watch the kids have fun. They are now old enough to handle the sledding on their own. A big bonus is the rope that you attatch your tube to that pulls you up the hill. Easy Peasy!

Day 15 of 365....Kind of.....

Well, I really didn't take these photos on the 15th. Oh Well.

The kids were beyond excited when we went to a much bigger nearby city. We went to the mall and I surprised the kids with a trip to Build a Bear. They used their Christmas money to each get a new stuffed friend.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Toothbrush ... Day 14 of 365

This is not THE toothbrush. This is a photo of a representative toothbrush. You will understand soon enough.

On this day, D. went to work in a bit of a rush. He had forgotten to brush his teeth, but no worries, he had all the necessary supplies at work. After brushing his teeth he noticed some writing on the tooth brush. "NOT CLEAN" At that point a rush of memories came back and he remembered cleaning something off the bottom of his shoe (likely goat poo) about a year ago. He saved the toothbrush. I'm not sure why. I guess he figured he'd have to do that again sometime. Anyway. He promptly brushed his teeth again with a brand new toothbrush that was also in his drawer at work. He threw the old "not clean" toothbrush away. Thank goodness!

Can you say eeeewwwww? I know I did!

Jump Rope for Heart and Other fun Stuff. Day 13 of 365

It's a 365 blog bonus. You get 4 photos today. Enjoy!

B. did an AWESOME job raising money for the American Heart Association. She raised $205 dollars and had a lot of fun jumping rope that day too! Her school raised $3000. Way to go B.

While B. did Jump Rope for Heart, H. got to hang out with a friend in the Kindergarten room. He is quite the little builder and spent most of the time working on different creations.

The orthodontist is a regular part of our lives now. B. is currently wearing headgear, and will get braces in about 2 months. It is not easy for either one of us, but she is tough and will get through it!

B. the Ballerina .... Day 12 of 365

B. is becoming quite the ballerina. She loves it so much and it is a joy for me to see her twirling around at home.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's Wrong with the TV? Day 11 of 365

H: "Whats wrong with the TV?"
Me: "Oh, it broke so we are using the old little one."
H: "No, what is wrong with that little tv? There are no colors.
Me: It's just really old. A long time ago they made tv's that were just black and white. In fact when the first tvs and movies were made they couldn't make movies in color and all the tvs were black and white. Mom and dad both had black and white tvs when we were kids."
H: "Oh. Wow, the tv must be 200 years old and you must be 200 years old too."

Gee, thanks for that one!

A lesser known Family Member...... Day 10 of 365

Meet Kiah, our sweet German Wired Hair Pointer. She is named after my Thailand trip that I went on 2.5 years ago. She is a cutie pie, super loving and at times a royal pain. But we love her just the same. And she is learning to be a great hunting dog. She's supposed to be my dog, but for her to be my dog I would have to take her hunting much more than I do. So she is really D's dog, but don't tell him that. As far as I'm concerned she's still my little girl!

I have no words..... Day 9 of 365

But maybe I should explain.... D. recived a fun award at our church's annual meeting. He thought it would be funny to put it with the nativity scene for a picture. Oh never mind.... I still have no words.....

Sleeping Beauty.... Day 8 of 365

Running for Freedom.... Day 7 of 365

I love how the kids (and a friend) love running through the playground to where I am parked at the end of the school day. I pretend that they are excited to see me!

January 6th, 2010 .... Day 6 of 365

B. loves looking at the American Girl Catalog. She plans and dreams about getting things out of that darn catalog! Keep Dreaming B! (And/or saving your pennies!)

Uno ..... Day 5 of 365

The latest game craze at our house. It's a good thing that I really do love to play games with my kids.

Christmas Decorations Down, and Almost packed away... Jan.4th, Day 4 of 365

If you were my facebook friend last year you may have seen my status update near Easter that I was finally getting the Christmas decorations down. If I'm totally honest I'll have to admit that I still have boxes cluttering up areas that I wish were clean, but it's a major improvement over last year!

Jan 3rd - Day 3 of 36

So when it was my turn to not feel all that great my Sweetie made dinner for all of us. In an effort to get the kids to eat more vegetables he wanted to add some cheese to the plain veggies. Well too bad we were almost out of all kinds and forms or cheese. Luckily there was some cheese in a can (ya know the stuff to put on crackers) or as my kids call it "squeezy cheese". Squeezy cheese + veggies = culinary delight to my kiddos! Way to go dad.

Snuggle Time ... Day 2 of 365

These two were both feeling a little under the weather and took advantage of the "down-time" to snuggle a little. They are so precious and this photo reminded me a lot of another photo that I happen to love too....

My how fast almost 8 years can fly by!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sweet Slumber

My 365 day photo blog!

Ok, So blogging last year wasn't a great success. Here's to trying again. My goal this year - Blog a new picture everyday for a year. Don't go looking for portraits here (other than the great one to the left taken by Katie White) - These photos will be snapshots of our life. Snapshots being the key. I'm going to try and not worry about getting the perfect picture, or whether or not it is technically correct. I'm not going to spend an hour editing each photo. I'm just going to try and capture a photo a day for a year. Sometimes I'll blog every day, and sometimes I might do a whole week at once. You'll never know what you are going to get. Some posts will have just a picture and sometimes I'll write a little bit about it. Thanks for joining me on this new adventure!

I'll start with a picture from last night...

It doesn't snow very much where we live. It can snow all around us, but we don't get much here in our little banana belt area. So when it does snow, the kids have a great time. Yesterday it snowed all morning. The kids had been playing outside for a couple of hours when I made them come in to warm up. Then Dad came home and back out they went in the dark to play in the snow some more. It had started to warm up a bit, and rain. That warmer weather and rain made for some great sticky snow. The kids quickly rolled out some very large and very heavy giant snow balls. It took both D. and I (along with a ramp) to get the middle of Frosty up and in place. It was really heavy!

At well over 6 feet tall, this is a record breaking snowman for our family! Too bad it rained most of the night and we didn't get any better pictures. Even with all its imperfections, I love this photo. What a fun way to spend New Years Eve!