Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Toothbrush ... Day 14 of 365

This is not THE toothbrush. This is a photo of a representative toothbrush. You will understand soon enough.

On this day, D. went to work in a bit of a rush. He had forgotten to brush his teeth, but no worries, he had all the necessary supplies at work. After brushing his teeth he noticed some writing on the tooth brush. "NOT CLEAN" At that point a rush of memories came back and he remembered cleaning something off the bottom of his shoe (likely goat poo) about a year ago. He saved the toothbrush. I'm not sure why. I guess he figured he'd have to do that again sometime. Anyway. He promptly brushed his teeth again with a brand new toothbrush that was also in his drawer at work. He threw the old "not clean" toothbrush away. Thank goodness!

Can you say eeeewwwww? I know I did!

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Kat said...

Did you kiss him that night? Ewww. Poor guy.