Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 28 of 365... Getting ready for a portrait session

This is my "studio." The area in my home where I do portraits. I'm so lucky to have an area that I can leave set up! I know it's a little silly, but even just this picture makes me happy. I love photography and I'm so blessed to get to do it!

H. is such a great helper. He loves helping me set up for my photo sessions. And unlike when he was 2, he is actually helpful and the "breaking" of stuff is kept at a minimum.


Barb Phillips said...

I could die for what you have, a studio that you don't have to take down or reset. Ü lucky you

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your own studio impressive. As a photographer myself I know I should say something nice but "no fair!" If your interested in seeing some of my work visit my blog! Hope you like it. (my studio is my dining room wit ha sheet hung over the window)