Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's Wrong with the TV? Day 11 of 365

H: "Whats wrong with the TV?"
Me: "Oh, it broke so we are using the old little one."
H: "No, what is wrong with that little tv? There are no colors.
Me: It's just really old. A long time ago they made tv's that were just black and white. In fact when the first tvs and movies were made they couldn't make movies in color and all the tvs were black and white. Mom and dad both had black and white tvs when we were kids."
H: "Oh. Wow, the tv must be 200 years old and you must be 200 years old too."

Gee, thanks for that one!


AimeeJ said...

LOL, that is awesome!

wenderful said...

That is one old TV! We had one when I was growing up. I guess I'll be old along with you. ;)

Liz said...

Too cute! What a fun blog Nicole! Miss you guys

Amanda said...

LOL....Great post.

Lisa said...

ROTFL!!!! Cute.